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06 November 2010 @ 07:51 pm
We're going to edit with clips that are opposite to the song lyrics :p

Part 1:
I keep my knives sharp
Dance around muscle groups like...

Part 2:
Separate so neatly at the joint
Falls away easily if you follow my map
Embedded in each creature like dotted lines

Part 3:
And I trace these with my trusty knife

I fabricate
Destroy to create this

Is it wrong to be...

Part 4:
...so callous?
Have I lost my human heart?
I can look one in the eyes and I see parts
Knives extend my reach in metal
I’m an artist in my right
Is it wrong or am I evil?
I just want to feed...

Part 5:

I keep my knives sharp
Let the weight trace on these darting fingers
Manufactured to be torn apart
And I’m skillful...

Part 6:
...in this occupation.

Is it wrong to be so callous?
Have I lost my human heart?

Part 7:
I can look one in the eyes and I see parts, I see parts
Knives extend my reach in metal
I’m an artist in my right
Is it wrong or am I evil?
I just want to feed you.
We all end up the same way

Part 8:
It all ends the same
We all end up the same way
It all ends the same
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24 August 2010 @ 09:44 pm
These are the member's description of their WORM part.

Pikazoidd's Story:
I chose Tifa as my character for my part because she bottles up her emotions like I do and she looks somewhat similar to me. She has the same hair and eye color as me. And we're about the same height.

KERUSHII1013's Story:
I chose the song kelsey for obvious reasons (because my name is kelsey :3)
and my outlook on love is similar to the girl he is singing about...
i picked lightning because i'm cold on the outside but if you dig down deep enough im nice :3
i paired lightning with cloud because cloud has blonde hair and blue eyes (just like me)
so in short lightning represents my personality and cloud my looks...

shiva123989's Story:
The reason why I chose Tidus as well as Vanille to represent those traits similar to those in me is because both of they're personalities are all fun and energetic but when it comes down to it, there is a time in place for everything. Even though Vanille can occasionally say the wrong thing at the wrong time, Vanille has people under the impression that she is mysterious, young and innocent. When deep down inside she knows that she has potential to be something no-one else can be. Tidus is the same way, although he knows what it will all come down too in the end. He has his mind set that he is in the past and times haven't changed even though everything and everyone has. I didn't choose these characters based on their looks to describe me, only their personalities because there weren't any that fit that criteria.

Yunarella's Story:
The setting:
The first thing you see is the sunset/sunrise. Let's pretend it's sunrise. This is, by far, my favorite time of day. Then the Sea/Ocean. This is my favorite place to be. I have a love for the sea side that outweighs my love for busy cities or open blue skies.
The characters:
Yuna: She's the closest I can get to my actual basic features. Shoulder length brown hair, white, blue eyes, quite mundane actually.
Fang: My personality rates much closer to hers than Yuna's. Passionate, easy to despair, a bit abrasive.
Her hands, every time I see them, they never look particularly beautiful. You know, like mine.
Tidus: He's exactly the kind of person I'd like to spend so much time with. If I was pixilated, he's the one I'd want to be my beau.
I can't stress how much he looked and acted like someone I once knew, and how much it hurt to lose him.
The lyrics:
"From a little shell at the bottom of the sea
With the earth and the moon and the sun around me
There is love."
I love love. It's everywhere. Love is something I try to live my life with everyday. I'm getting it tattooed, in a triad with two other things that shall remain secret until I get them done.
"It's the buzz
It's the buzz
I wish I was"
Love is a buzz. It makes you feel better then you would normally. It's like drinking a little Cobo Wabo. A warm buzz in your chest, It's great. To be someone else's buzz is just as wonderful. I do try.
The video:
I wanted something that could stand on it's own, if it wasn't for Fang, this would look like a simple Yuna/Tidus video.
The story in the video, about Yuna, Tidus, and Shyuin, has it's meaning too.
After Tidus left, Yuna was lonely her "buzz" was gone. When she saw Shuyin, when he touched her, she felt both disgusted and elated. Disgusted that someone was wearing his face and wanted to hurt so many people. And yet, if she just pretended, it was like Tidus was holding her again.
The whole thing is bittersweet.
Finding someone you fall for, they leave. You're left looking for someone who gives you that feeling.
You can't tell me when someone makes you laugh, makes you feel good, makes you feel loved, and you don't want it over and over again.

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15 July 2010 @ 12:22 am
Hey! This is aznclair111 from YouTube.
I'm new to lj, so I'm still learning about the site. I'm hoping to post stories from my YouTube videos (my studio too) or just stories/scripts that I wrote. Maybe some other stuff that I can't think of right now (like reviews of some sort?)
That's pretty much it.

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